Sunday, July 31, 2011

Paul Menard wins the Brickyard 400

I have never really been a fan of NASCAR. I have always thought, “how interesting can it really be to watch cars only turn left?”

Actually to my surprise, very exciting.

Starting in the 15 spot, Paul Menard managed to maneuver his way to win his most important race of the year. He celebrates his first ever Sprint Cup series win. “I have been trying to win this race for 35 years,” he explains. “I can’t believe we won Indy.”

It was a very interesting experience watching the race. I always thought that it was a simple race, it’s only cars going around in the same circle a few hundred times. But it’s incredible to watch and listen to the crew and the driver. It is all planned out when to go to pit lane and how to drive their way to kiss the bricks. The race is all about fuel amounts, stickiness of tires, and keeping the engine primed and ready for your last push to the finish.

To get into watching a race, pick your favorite right off the bat and just watch him move his way to the front. I picked the young and new Trevor Bayne in the 21 car. After winning the Daytona 500, he has been a wild card to make the Sprint Cup Finals. He made his way to 5th place with 10 laps to go but unfortunately needed to make a pit stop with 7 laps to go to get more fuel and make his final surge for the finish. Unfortunately, it did not work out for him and really hurt him in the final standings, ending in 30th.

I can honestly say I am a new fan of NASCAR.

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