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Friday, July 29, 2011


Several nights ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Barcelona. No, not the beautiful Spanish city unfortunately, but rather the restaurant located in German Village that features entrees with a Spanish influence. Upon entering the building, you can’t help but notice classic, worn hardwood floors and high tin ceiling. Though the restaurant looks small at first, it opens up into a single large dining room with subdued orange walls and a patio towards the rear. While all diners are in the same room and each table is located as close as possible to the next, the dining room is surprisingly ambient. There is noise, but I by no means felt like I needed to raise my voice to talk to the people sitting at my table, making for a comfortable atmosphere.

The menu offers a variety of options each featuring traditional Spanish cuisine and also includes an extensive list of appetizers. There is a main dish for any diner with options ranging from filet to chicken to scallops. Spanish rice or potatoes and vegetables accompany most entrĂ©es. There are also a number of appetizers including, but definitely not limited to, soups, cheese, and calamari.  

A cheese plate and tray of Spanish cured sausages was the perfect introduction to Spanish flavors for someone who had never had Spanish food. The cheese plate consisted of three cheeses—Rosemary Manchego, Olive Manchego, and Cabra al Vino. Queso Ibericho and Covadanga were additional options that could be added to the plate. A small triangle of each of the semi-hard cheeses was topped with a thin slice of a baguette. Alone, the plate would not have been satisfying. Pairing the plate with the tray of Spanish sausages allowed for unique combinations and added some depth to both appetizers. The sausage tray featured around 10 different sausages, each varying greatly from the others. Accompanied with the sourdough bread provided at each table (3 loaves in total for my table. Hey, I’m Italian, what can I say?), the cheese and sausage could almost have been a meal for those with smaller appetites. Though delicious and satisfying together, I’m not sure the cheese and sausage were completely worth the $15 price tag apiece.

The main dish, Filet con Queso Azul, was both pleasing aesthetically and generous in portion. A large piece of filet cooked to a perfect medium and topped with bleu cheese lay over a bed of mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. The filet was tender and juicy and went well with the mashed potatoes as they kept the smoky flavor from the grill from becoming too overpowering. All entrées ordered by the others at the table were presented well and would fill up any hungry diner.

Barcelona provides a relaxing dining atmosphere and good service, especially considering the size of the restaurant. Though expensive, the restaurant offers generous portions and flavors you’re not likely to find anywhere else in Columbus. It is a good choice if you like unique flavors and just want to enjoy a nice dinner.

Location: 263 East Whittier Street, Columbus, OH


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