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Thursday, July 28, 2011

North Carolina? Seriously?

If you haven't heard, North Carolina Coach, Butch Davis, was fired after an incident with a few players already signing agents while playing college football (Very illegal just for those who don't know). This happened earlier last year and the team played without the players who have caused themselves ineligible. They still ended the season 7-5 with a thrilling overtime win over Tennessee in the Motor City bowl.

Before Butch Davis, North Carolina was nobody. The only thing that mattered to North Carolina is "Did they beat Duke?". They were worthless and not good in the ACC. Just not a good team at all. But once Butch Davis came in, they did extremely well. Winning games, going to bowls, fighting for ACC Championship titles. I mean What was wrong with this guy.

A man was being interviewed on the news this morning and he said that it was a good thing that he was fired because it showed "integrity"... which is utter bullshit. If they were gonna fire Davis over the situation, they should have done that at the beginning of the year when this was all coming out. Even worse is that Davis came out with the information and gave it to the NCAA (unlike Ohio State). So he did the right thing, which shows integrity...

Davis may not bring the classiest men into North Carolina, but he sure does win games. And that is what matters. Davis's contract, which still has some years left on it, says if he is fired with no purpose, then he is awarded his guaranteed money, of $3,000,000. So North Carolina, cough up the money. There is no reason for him to be fired.

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