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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week in Review

Week in Review

Every Sunday we will publish a post to catch you up on the week’s most important stories:

• The Federal government passed a ten year, $2 Trillion deficit reduction plan earlier this week to prevent a default or partial government shutdown. The deal cuts the federal budget and has no immediate revenue increases in the language. This was seen as a win for the right and major lose for the left.
• Standard & Poor’s downgraded the US’s triple A credit rating down a level later this week after the passage of the deficit deal. Their rational was that the US did not cut enough to get financially healthy. However, this is the same company that didn’t downgrade companies that went bankrupt or were bailed out by TARP funds. It’s also the same group that ranks nations who have a high change of imploding with higher credit ratings than the US. This won’t do anything.
• The deadliest day for the military in decades occurred this week when a helicopter carrying elite American troops was shot down in Afghanistan. 30 died, including 22 Navy Seals from the same group that killed Bin Laden. We thank them for their service and sacrifice.

• Syria continues to suffer devastating bloodshed in the Middle East. The “President” is trying to squash protests by his people, centered in Hama. This city has been attacked by troops, tanks, artillery, and even airpower. Thousands have been confirmed killed with thousands others missing, wounded, or presumed killed. The international community has little power over the country and NATO and other nations have said that they lack the ability and troops necessary to stop the slaughter.
• The Somalia federal government recently gained control over the entirety of the capital Mogadishu. This victory came on the heels of a new offensive and rebel retreats. The government has been battling an Islamic militant group that is affiliated with Al Qaeda for years. In fact, the Civil War has been raging for decades with the government controlling only the capitol and a handful of villages across the country the size of Texas. Militants, pirates, and warlords control the rest. However, other nations, like the US have tried to help wrestle control back into the government’s hands. Black Hawk Down was inspired by a deadly day for US troops in the country in the 1990s.

• The NFL lockout ended earlier this week. The lockout ended with a new deal between players and team owners. The season will be instated and a supplemental draft will occur. Also, the deal agreed upon a long-term agreement, so a lockout does not have to opportunity to reoccur until the 2020s. ( ,
• Tiger Woods played his first tournament in months after recovering from injury. The troubled golfer ended in the middle of the pack, and said he did not play well. Tiger preformed exceptionally on many holes but struggled on most. He says that he expects to be a contender in his next appearances.

• The prequel to the blockbuster Planet of the Apes, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, was the highest earning movie at the box office this week. This came after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 became the third highest grossing movie ever this week as well.
• Shark Week began earlier this week and is expected to be the most watched yet!(

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