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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I’m a relatively new Greek food fan having only eaten Greek food from three different places during my life. I’ve tried gyros from each restaurant and only one gyro really stood out from the rest—Apollo’s. Located just across the street from The Ohio State University, Apollo’s has a steady flow of traffic at all hours of the day regardless of its physical condition.

From the outside, it looks like a one way ticket to food poisoning or a gastrointestinal infection (it just looks that way, it actually isn’t) and once inside, it improves slightly, but not drastically. However, the fact that it is slightly run down shows just how long the restaurant has been able to stay in business, so they must be doing something right inside even though it doesn’t appear that way on the outside.

Though specializing in Greek food, Apollo’s offers a little bit of everything. They have a wide variety of subs, gyros, salads, and dips to choose from with some being typical Greek cuisine and others that have been Americanized. Being a college student, my favorite thing about Apollo’s is the prices. Spreads and dips are no more than $3 while gyros are around $5, depending upon which gyro you choose. The best deal by far is the lunch combo (though you can actually order it anytime) which includes a gyro, fries, and fountain drink for $5.

Every time I go to Apollo’s, I order the exact same thing. I get the lunch combo and split the spicy feta cheese dip with my boyfriend. The gyro has a thick layer of moist lamb and beef topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce all piled on a fresh piece of pita. I tried tzatziki sauce the first time I had a gyro and it just wasn’t for me, so I go sans sauce now. Even without the tzatziki sauce, the gyro is still flavorful and juicy.
The fries are cut thick and are better than most fries I’ve received at other gyro shops, though they can be a bit too thick and thus mushy at times. To accompany the gyro, I would highly recommend the spicy feta cheese dip. With it you get two pieces of warm, soft pita bread that you can layer the spread onto. Though the dip is called spicy feta cheese dip, it is not that spicy and that’s coming from someone who could barely eat Chipotle chicken at first, so don’t let the name deter you if you don’t usually like spicy food. In fact, I find it somewhat refreshing and cooling especially in contrast with the warm pita. The spread is also decently sized and has never been finished every time it has been ordered, so it’s definitely worth the $3.

Apollo’s is a great family owned restaurant to have a quick lunch or dinner at. I’ve been there on several occasions and have yet to be disappointed (they have even been known to throw in a free gyro on occasion). For the price, you get decent-quality food that’s both filling and satisfying. Don’t let the appearance of Apollo’s keep you from going inside because they have lots to offer at college student prices.

Location: 1758 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201

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