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Monday, August 15, 2011

Week in Review (August 7-14)

Week in Review

Every Sunday we will publish a post to catch you up on the week’s most important stories:

• The Iowa Straw Poll occurred Saturday in the Hawkeye State. The poll had Iowan Republicans vote on their current favorite candidate, but is unrelated to the primaries. Congresswoman Michelle Bachman won, barely beating Ron Paul, and securing her upward momentum. (Former governor Mitt Romney did not participate).

• Former governor Tim Pawlenty finished third in the Iowa Straw Poll, and subsequently dropped out of the race. Pawlenty never gained traction and was never seen as a major player.

• Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his candidacy for the GOP nominee this week. He is expected to appeal to Christian Evangelicals, as well as social and fiscal conservatives. Expect his to be a serious threat to Romney and Bachman.

• After the S&P downgraded, US stocks went on a roller-coaster week, with ups and downs over 400 points for four straight days (first time ever).

• The bodies of the almost two dozen Navy Seals and other US service members slain in a helicopter crash arrived home for burial this week. The Taliban unit who shot down the copter were reported killed by US airstrikes as well. Let us take a minute to remember our American heroes.

• Syria continues to try and put down a pro-democratic revolution this week, including the new use of naval power. Thousands have died in this conflict and many nations are calling for the end of the bloodshed.
London suffered horrific riots this week after a police involved shooting of a young man. Millions in damages occurred and many were injured or arrested in violence across the nation. Youths feeling disenfranchised with the system are blamed for the most damage.


• The last golf major occurred this week with Keegan Bradley won in an incredible finish. He had a late last round surge to force a three hole playoff with Jason Dufner.

• The NFL held its first preseason games this week. See tomorrows article on this topic.

• The Rise of the Planet of the Apes led the Box Office once again with earnings just shy of $30M

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