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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Big 10 Football Predictions

It’s one month away. Fans will pack the stadiums for the new and improved Big 10. With the Leaders and Legends, the Big 10 conference invites the Nebraska Cornhuskers from the Big 12. This year’s Big 10 has new coaches, new rivalries and, as always, new kids ready to play football.

I am going to analyze each team and try to determine who will be in the Big 10 Championship game.


Illinois: They are the team to keep an eye on, but they are in need of some sort of power in their offense like they had in Leshore last year. Their defense is still nowhere near ready for them to be a contender in the Leaders. They will start off the Big 10 with a rough stetch but end nicely. Predicted record: 6-6

Indiana: Their quick offense keeps them interesting in the Leaders. However, they won’t cause too much havoc and won’t stand a chance overall. Luckily they have a good out-of-conference schedule. Predicted record: 4-8

Ohio State: It all depends on if they receive a bowl ban. If Ohio State receives a bowl ban, then they may end up 3rd in the Leaders. But if they don't get a bowl ban… the Buckeyes are coming. If Ohio State can show up against Wisconsin and shut them out, look for them to go undefeated. But keep in mind this is interim Coach Fickell’s first year as a head coach. Predicted record: 9-3

Penn State: Returning 17 starters from last year and their young quarterback, they stand a chance to win the Leaders side. If the Lions mature, look for them to win the Big 10 too. Their performance last year against Florida gave fans something positive to look forward to. Their schedule gets tougher right at the end of their season, however. They play Alabama, at Ohio State, Nebraska and at Wisconsin this season. If they gain enough momentum to end their season strong, look for them to win the Leaders. I really like this team this year. Predicted record: 8-4

Purdue: This team isn’t the hottest in the Big Ten but they have the potential to make a good team scared. Don't worry too much, they aren't that good. They have a rough mid-season run with games at Michigan, at Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Iowa. They need to work hard to get to a bowl. I believe they could do it. Predicted record: 6-6

Wisconsin: The team to beat. Montee Ball and James White behind that gigantic offensive line is the scariest combo in the Big 10. The emotional game between Ohio State and Wisconsin (the new created rivalry in the Big 10, along with Iowa and Nebraska) will make for a national thriller if both teams come in undefeated. Predicted record: 10-2


Iowa: This is a rebuilding year for Iowa. They still have their running back in the sophomore, Coker, but the team is young and inexperienced. Don't look for them to be the same Iowa team you usually see. With their new rivalry with Nebraska, Iowa is still going to show up for their final game. Predicted record: 7-5

Michigan: The Michigan man is in with Brady Hoke. People say this is a rebuilding year. He just says there isn't any rebuilding with Michigan. I’m afraid this is not the case. Hoke has a lot to prove. He is going to give it everything he’s got. Bringing back the most starters in the Big 10 with 20 and bringing back Denard Robinson, they will make a run for the championship. But they won’t do it this year. Maybe next year. Predicted record: 7-5

Michigan State: This team is bringing back a lot of their starters but their top player was their middle linebacker in Greg Jones, the key part in their defense. They are still a good team and will be one of the scariest teams in the Big 10. A lot of their offense returns with positives. Teams know they cannot mess around with Michigan State anymore. Predicted record: 8-4

Minnesota: Oh god… what do I even say… they need a lot of help. They have a new quarterback and a basically new offensive line. Their defense is terrible. There is not a lot going for them next year and well… they’re gonna stink. Predicted record: 3-9

Nebraska: They are on everyone’s radar as the team to beat. They have Taylor Martinez as one of the best dual threat quarterbacks in college football. They are going to be the winners of this side, no questions about it. I do have a feeling Iowa will upset them because Bo Pelini always has one poor game, and I feel as though that will be with their new rivals. Predicted record: 10-2

Northwestern: I believe this is the sleeper team in the Big 10. The one team everyone will overlook, Northwestern will give them a run for their money. I honestly can see Northwestern end 2nd in this division returning most of their high scoring offense. Predicted record: 8-4

The first ever big 10 championship game will be between:

The Wisconsin Badgers and the Nebraska Cornhuskers

The winner is...............

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