Thursday, August 4, 2011

Casey Anthony in Columbus?

Casey Anthony in Columbus?

Apparently Casey Anthony was photographed in Columbus yesterday afternoon. She was found wearing an OSU hat and traversing around the Lennox Shopping center.

This isn’t surprising because the troubled woman has a few family members who live in the area. And as we all know, OSU garb is local uniform so donning a Bucks hat may have been an attempt to blend into a weekday crowd.

Her attempt to escape the media was foiled before when media personnel reported that she boarded a small plane to Port Columbus immediately after her sentencing hearing ended. Why she did not leave after that first media report was released, I cannot say.

One thing is for certain, she has to be back in Orlando to meet her parole officer from a previous encounter with the law. Maybe she will stay down in the Sunshine state, and Ohioans can go back to allowing Casey to fade in our collective memory.

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